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Fear 2 Freedom believes that this generation of college students are the key to changing the cultural understanding surrounding the issue of sexual assault and are a tangible part of the solution. Through our uplifting "Celebration Events", F2F empowers college students to "Be the Change" and "Restore the Joy" by gaining awareness and education about sexual assault and making a difference in the lives of those wounded by assembling F2F Aftercare Kits for victims in their community.


Fear 2 Freedom hosts Celebration Events throughout the year at college campuses to bring hope and healing to victims of sexual assault with the help of hundreds of students. Our events are uplifting as we celebrate the ability of individuals to go from fear to freedom and the empowerment of college students to end the prevalence of this issue on their campus. 

Students hear stories from survivors, University Presidents and Administration, F2F Staff and a Forensic Nurse, informing them about the reality of sexual assault and the resources that are available. Students learn that in the same night, a victim could receive the very F2F Kit they assembled. It is this simple act of kindness that can change a life. Together, we can make a difference, one person at a time.

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