Fear 2 Freedom’s Educational Programs

Fear 2 Freedom has educated thousands of college students about the issues surrounding sexual assault, energized communities to take action, and provided more than 24,000 Fear 2 Freedom AfterCare Kits to survivors through educational programing.

We have hosted events at 24 colleges and universities across 9 states, and will work closely with your administrators and staff to customize a program that meets your specific needs.

hOur 2 Empower

Fear 2 Freedom's "Hour 2 Empower" event is held on college and university campuses throughout the year. The first half of the event includes an educational slide show/video presentation, and a speaker whose life has been impacted by sexual violence. The presentation can include a selection of topics relevant to students such as dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, consent, stalking, and human trafficking. The goal of the Hour 2 Empower is to not only educate, but to encourage students to be active participants in changing the culture of sexual violence on their campus and beyond.

In the final segment of the Hour 2 Empower, participants provide support for survivors by assembling and packing Fear 2 Freedom AfterCare Kits. The Kits contain sized, unisex clothing, underwear, toiletries, a personal note of encouragement written by the student, and a plush Freedom Bear.  

Through this event, students learn about the harsh realities of sexual assault and the resources available to those affected. While packing AfterCare Kits, students are informed the very kit they are assembling could be received by a victim later that same night. 

I was given hope (with the AfterCare Kit), and now I love giving hope to others
— Sexual assault survivor & AfterCare Kit recipient

The Shadow Event

The Shadow Event is an immersive, emotional, 90-minute presentation centered around survivor stories. The anonymous survivors are silhouetted behind a curtain or screen as they share their stories with audience members.

The first-hand accounts are incredibly powerful, not just for the description of the assault itself, but also for detailing long-term effects. Attendees discover the impact of the assault on the survivor’s life as well as its impact on their family, friends, and social circle.

 The Shadow Event agenda also allows attendees to interact with these survivors by writing notes of encouragement and support that will be given to the shadow presenters. Students who attend the Shadow Event leave with a greater understanding of the personal impact of sexual violence, increased empathy for survivors, and an increased awareness of what they can do to improve safety in their communities.

There is something powerful about speaking & sharing your story.....I also loved that by sharing, there was a chance I was helping another survivor process and heal
— Male student & Shadow event speaker

Be the change - freshman orientation program

Colleges and universities recognize the vital importance of including programs about sexual violence as part of their freshman orientation. With Fear 2 Freedom’s Be the Change Program,  you can customize the orientation program to your institution’s specific needs.

Be the Change film: This 20-minute, educational film includes sexual violence statistics for universities and the personal stories of male and female assault survivors. University administrators and officials describe the need for policies and resources that support victims. In addition to being a very effective teaching resource, the film empowers students to make their campus community a safer place from orientation through graduation.

University Discussion Panel: Fear 2 Freedom will organize, facilitate, and provide guidelines for a panel discussion. The panel provides a venue to explain campus policies, procedures, hotlines, and counseling services or to delve into a variety of issues including sexual assault on campus, intimate partner violence, sex trafficking, etc. The panel, combined with the Be the Change film, contributes to an open and active dialogue hopefully leading to increased awareness, intervention, and prevention.

Statistics and Fact Sheet: Provides attendees with current statistics, facts, and definitions regarding sexual abuse, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and rape.

“What Do You Know?” Quiz: A brief survey that can be distributed and collected prior to the event in order to gauge what freshman students already know (and not know) about sexual violence.

Resources: Pocket/purse sized reference card for students with information on counseling, medical treatment, university resources, and support services.

Title IX Survey Assessment Tool: Efficient, electronic assessment tool to evaluate and survey the effectiveness of this program as it pertains to sexual violence on campus.  

The Pledge: An oath that challenges and unifies students to combat sexual assault on their college campus.