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When a victim of sexual assault goes to the hospital for treatment, or the PERK (Physical Evidence Recovery Kit) exam, all of their clothes have to kept for evidence. This means that women, men and children are leaving our hospitals in paper scrubs after a moment of greatest trauma.

Fear 2 Freedom After Care Kits (F2F Kits)

F2F Kits are a gift of hope given to victims of abuse when they arrive at the hospital. Our F2F Kits include brand new items such as:

  • Appropriately sized T-shirt, sweatpants, and underwear
  • Toiletry Kit (includes soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, loofah and hairbrush) 
  • A pen and journal for adults and a toy for children
  • "You Matter 2" Card (includes list of sponsors)
  • Resource Card (list of help lines and tips)
  • Freedom Bear, who is a soft, cuddly bear who comes with a story book and serves as a counseling tool
  • Personal, handwritten note (written by a student or volunteer)

F2F Kits are assembled by college students at Celebration Events throughout the year. For each event, F2F partners the university or college with a hospital and/or community organization for which F2F Kits will be supplied. Beth Walters, a Forensic Nurse at Riverside Health System, recently told us, "I cannot imagine doing the PERK exam without these F2F Kits."

To walk out of the hospital in fresh clean clothes that no one has worn before you, means someone thought about you before you ever arrived at that hospital. Someone cared enough to simply stuff a box; such sweet, sweet simple act of kindness. Such a wonderful gift of hope.
— Debbie Smith, Debbie Smith Act, 2004

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